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I have an idea for an app!

There are literally millions of Android and Apple apps available, and probably a million more web apps, and probably a million more desktop apps.

So, if you have an idea for an app, the first thing you should do is see if there is already an app that does exactly, or close enough to, what you want your app to do.

Let’s say your app idea is very specific to your business needs, or the existing apps that you’ve researched don’t quite suit your needs or need you to change your business practices in ways that you don’t wish to go. How can you go about getting your app created?

Probably the first thing you need to decide is if you need a Desktop, Web, or mobile application. What’s the difference?

Types of App

Desktop Apps

Great for in-house applications, where printing and scanning, for example, are a large part of the application’s functionality.

Not so great for remote access to the systems, e.g. working from home.

Web Apps

Web Apps can provide almost all the functionality of desktop apps, but are hosted on a website. This means they can be accessed from virtually anywhere there is an internet connection. Web Apps can open the systems to end-users, empowering them, and freeing internal staff for other activities.

“Progressive” Web Apps build on this functionality providing tools that can be used on almost any device - Desktop, Apple and Android - and continue to function even when internet access is unreliable because the app is actually installed and running on the device, with data saved locally, and synchronised to the web database.

Native Apps

Native apps are designed to run on specific platforms - i.e. IOS, or Android. These apps provide all the functionality available from the underlying operating system, and device.

When written with the native development tools, IOS and Android apps can be expensive to develop and maintain. For this reason Comformark chose a development tool that uses the same code for both systems, simplifying development and reducing cost.

App Development by Comformark

Desktop Software

We use Clarion for Windows as our development tool to provide rapid and effective systems to achieve your objectives

Web Apps

We use the Ionic Framework as our web and Progress Web Application development tool. A widely used and popular tool, we use Angular as our development language, so your systems can be maintained by a vast network of developers.

Native Apps

The Ionic apps we develop for the web can easily be compiled into native apps for IOS and Android deployment.

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