About Comformark

Comformark is a custom software development company based in Sydney, Australia. We use Clarion for Windows and other development tools to create business applications for you. We provide a full development cycle to turn your ideas into reality.

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Custom Software


Database Systems


Website Development


Efficiency Improvements

Our Work Flow


Goal setting

We spend a lot of time talking with our clients to gain a clear understanding of your goals and outcomes.

Data analysis

We carefully review all available sources of data to ensure it can be integrated into your solution.

Development and Review Cycle

We accomplish your objectives through a process of development, review and training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never had custom software developed, or you’ve had a bad experience with previous custom software projects, these few questions might help you consider using Comformark for your next project.

Comformark has considerable experience with a wide range of software development projects, of all sizes, and we can probably help you understand the process more clearly.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with small to medium sized organisations, from “one-man-bands” to businesses with hundreds of employees. We’ve developed systems for retail, manufacturing, accounting, purchasing, dispatch, inventory management, data access and exchange, and document management – as examples.

What technologies do you use?

Our desktop environment is Windows based and for web development we are proficient in asp.net and php based systems.

We can access most databases – MSSQL, MySQL, Firebird, MS Access – and we can convert data from old technology to newer databases.

We use fourth generation development tools wherever possible to ensure rapid development and fewer bugs.

How long does it take?

Our development process ensures we know what is required and what resources are available before we begin development, so we can estimate the timeframe. For larger projects we will give you a broad timeframe, usually broken down into 4-6 week segments to simplify tracking of progress.

How much does it cost?

For small projects to be completed within a month,  we can provide a fixed price quotation. For larger projects we will charge by the month, giving you the option to extend development indefinitely, as your goals are achieved.

Development team

Geoff Bomford

Geoff Bomford


Geoff  has an extensive industry experience which helps him quickly understand your needs and offer suggestions for improving your business activities.

Expertise: Clarion software development, databases, php and WordPress.

Liam Bomford

Liam Bomford


Liam is our database and web applications developer and has an extensive experience developing marketing applications software.

Expertise: Clarion for Windows, databases, asp.net, MS Visual Studio, accounting, shopping carts, inventory.

Sarah Ann Walker

Sarah Ann Walker

Web Marketer

Sarah Ann is an expert in the use of online marketing techniques to expand your business reach.

Expertise: eMarketing, Facebook, Twitter.

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