Comformark provides a number of computer and software related services centered around developing the best solution designed for your business requirements.


componentsBusinesses have relied on databases since the advent of marketing. Originally data was stored on file cards, in filing cabinets and in document storage systems.

These days businesses store their data in databases, spreadsheets, file folders, websites and “the cloud”.

Often this data is accumulated from different systems and businesses lose opportunities that arise from integrating their data into user friendly systems.

That’s where Comformark can assist you. We have considerable expertise in developing database services, collecting your data and presenting it to your users in systems that anyone can use.

We are competent developers of Microsoft SQL Server databases, and this is our preferred database for in-house custom software. It is fast, reliable and expandable for most database needs, in our experience.

We have also used MS Access, Firebird and MySQL databases where appropriate. We can help you to convert your data between most databases and allow you to make better use of it.

Clarion software development

sv57x57Comformark has used Clarion for Windows as our primary software development tool since 1991, and we are one of the most experienced users of Clarion in Sydney, Australia.

Clarion for Windows is a genuine “rapid application development” tool, which enables us to create applications more quickly and reliably than most other application development tools.

If you have existing Clarion software that needs to be maintained, or updated, we can help with that too, so long as you have the appropriate source code.

Microsoft Visual Studio

We use Microsoft Visual Studio for all our programming, to create custom web sites and applications to run on Windows based web servers. We also use Visual Studio to create customised functionality to link to other systems when required.


Internet Marketing services

We have experience designing and developing websites ranging in size from a few static pages, up to custom built content management systems drawing data directly from in-house databases and updated in real-time.

We can use the two most popular programming languages for web development, php and to develop, or customise the functionality of most websites. For smaller sites we can recommend the most appropriate content management systems for your website and adapt them to your needs if necessary.

Similarly, if you need an on-line shopping cart we can design and set it up for you, and customise it if necessary. Speak to us if you’ve never had a shopping cart and we’ll provide you with an introduction into the whole on-line process.

Websites for Mobiles

Responsive Design_230Recent surveys show that more than 30% of website browsing is now done on mobile devices. If your website can’t be used easily on a mobile phone you’ll be losing a large part of the internet audience. If your website is more than a couple of years old, then it’s time to update it to use a responsive design and make it friendly for mobile phone users.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications from ComformarkMobile phones have become the new personal computers and you’d be surprised what can be achieved for your business with a mobile phone application. If you’ve ever wondered how a mobile phone can help your business, give us a call and we’ll discuss the possibilites.

Our mobile phone development tool uses the same code base for i-phone, Android and Windows phone development, so you can have your application conveniently developed for all the popular mobile phones.